What Our Clients Say About Their Achievements at HMFT

  • janice3beforeafter   Well, today was one of my twice a year "dread days" - the day that all the memories of hearing the words " you have cancer" comes back as I prepare to visit my oncologist - will the scan be clear? Is it back? Well, the first words out of the doctors mouth today was " Hi skinny - You look fabulous!!  Whatever your doing keep doing it. Did you know that only about 5% of my patients are able to accomplish what I have told them to do"? Second is I've hit my 5 year mark and am officially in remission!!  I'll need to stay on my cancer drug another 5 years ( bummer) and keep my weight down/body healthy but I have reached a massive milestone!!! Third is all the "symptoms" caused by the chemo - the massive constipation, the tiredness, the anxiety - all the terrible side effects that have plagued me since treatment are gone.  I still have days with chemo brain and my work stamina isn't great (I still need to get down to working no more then30-32 hours a week) but that is manageable. I don't know if I would have been able to get to this point without the HMFT program.  Hannah, you've created something very special. Thank you!!  
  • Megkellybeforeandafter I lost I about 23 lbs while doing the New Years Cleanse program and working out with HMFT. By the summer had lost an additional 7...a total of about 30lbs. I felt amazing, learned so much about my body and I certainly enjoyed fitting into summer clothes I hadn't been able to wear since college (9 years ago)!
  • Lauriesheldonbeforeandafter   One year ago I decided I needed to change how I was eating, start exercising, and become healthier. My husband suggested I talk work with HMFT. The team has been absolutely wonderful in guiding me with how to eat, how to move, what supplements to take and how to heal from years of unhealthy eating! If anyone is trying to lose weight, Hannah at Hannah May Fitness Training in Hardwick is awesome! I have lost 30 pounds-yahoo!  
  • RichZbeforeafter1             “If people ask, I cant wait to tell them all about the regimen. Its so funny, I tell them and they say the same thing we thought…”I couldn’t do that- give up bread, pasta, sugar, junk.” Bottom line is- you have to finally realize that its your life, the quality and how long you will live. I told my wife when we were running today- I was really scared when I first contacted you. I thought I was seriously ill and going to die. This is one of the proudest moments of my life. I look forward everyday with a little more spunk, spirit, and determination. We couldn’t do this without you. Thanks.” RichZbeforeafter2